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Brie Bordeaux


Born and raised by a single mom in Arizona Brie finds inspiration in the strength of others and their will to continue on. 

She has been drawn to the arts her whole  life and was able to perfect her abilities at the Milan Art Institute where she found her deepest passion in painting Abstract Realism. Brie's art allows you to see the strength and beauty that is inside of yourself. 

Her art shows power through every brushstroke and allows you to feel vibrant just like the bold colors she uses in her paintings. Her motto for life is to "Live Fearlessly, Follow Your Passion, Be Raw and, Ignite Your Fire Within."

Brie is a very passionate and professional artist who has sold her pieces all throughout the U.S. It is truly amazing watching her create a deep emotional connection to her paintings while she lets the painting talk to her. Brie says

" While I paint it allows me to fully be free and release the truest parts of myself."

Brie has struggled through out her life trying to find her place and/or purpose in the world but through art she found a way to express herself in the ways that words could not.

Brie hopes to fill her audience with inspiration and empowerment to keep fighting for their dreams and that any obstacle that comes their way is just another challenge that can be conquered.

Brie believes 

" We are not just born strong, but instead we are created throughout our lives by the challenges and obstacles we overcome!" 

While she continues to find ways to give back to her community through different charities and events. She looks forward to the future and connecting with the world around her. She can't wait to hold power with purpose seminars as well as to have Art Adventures so that artists and or outgoing creatives can explore the world from an artists eyes all inside a customized school bus renovation. Along with her family they are moving  forward on making Art at Saddle Mountain a unique experience for artists to have a safe and friendly environment to explore new ideas. Along side her family they intend to show how art can take you on adventures and find the power in yourself and the world around you.



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