Creating a Unique Piece that will be cherished forever made specifically for you or a special someone! Your home should have a statement piece hanging that is symbolic and meaningful to you!

I will work personally with you and layout a contract and information regarding details specifically wanted for your piece.  I know we can create something that will become a statement piece in your home! 

I am so excited to start working on your ideas and creating something truly powerful that will be a great statement piece in your home!

5 Easy Steps!

1. Message Me Your Idea and

Make a deposit of $100 to hold your spot that will be applied to your overall total 

2. Pick a Size that will work Best for your home  

3. I will create a source that will show the overall Theme and Ideas and we will agree before proceeding

4. We will work out the payment plans and or arrangements

5. The Contract will be sent and the deadline for the finished piece created

Pricing for Custom Pieces

Priced per sq in this is a general amount for gallery wrapped canvases finished in oil and ready to hang! This will not show any discounts, type of material, subject matter and or arrangements made with the artist.

12 x 12: $300

14 x 14: $400

16 x 16: $500

16 x 20: $600

18 x 24: $800

20 x 24: $1,000

20 x 30: $1,200

24 x 30: $1,500

24 x 36: $1,800

36 x 36: $2,600

36 x 40: $2,900

40 x 40: $3,200

36 x 48: $3,500

48 x 48: $4,600

48 x 60: $5,800

48 x 72: $7,000

Shipping is included in price when given and source agreed upon.

I love to work with my collectors so please message with  your budget and I can show you what materials and or plans are available!  I look forward to creating something truly unique and something you will cherish forever!


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